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How Do Companies That Buy Homes For Cash Work?

Written by: Kristin Lesko
Posted: 09/17/2021

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Selling your home on the market often takes time and money. If you go the traditional route, it could take between 55 to 70 days to sell your house in the U.S., Zillow reported, based on 2020 data. It’s also not cheap to sell your property on the market. You might expect to pay for someone to stage the property to attract buyers and take professional photos for your property listing.

Companies that buy homes for cash purchase properties “as is,” which means you don’t have to make any upgrades to it just to sell it. The process is also significantly faster than listing it on the market.

There are only three simple steps to selling your property to a home investment company like Meridian Trust.

Here’s how it works:

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Curious as to how much your property might be worth? Find out within minutes by calling Meridian Trust. Our licensed real estate agents will ask a few questions about your property and needs. Then, they’ll put together a free property value analysis on the spot. You’ll receive the cash offer over the phone and have the opportunity to decide whether or not you’d like to move forward. There’s no obligation.  

If you opt to move forward, you’ll be partnered with a dedicated real estate agent. No passing you off from one agent to the next. You don’t have to repeat yourself again and again. Instead, you’ll get a dedicated, licensed agent who will walk you through every step of the process.

Receive Your Contract Quickly

Some homebuying companies require you to sign contracts in person. This often requires you to take time off of work or from your family responsibilities to fill out paperwork. At Meridian Trust, we make the process easy and convenient. We allow you to decide whether you want to receive the contract via email, fax or overnight mail. This gives you the opportunity to review it on your own time.

When you review it, you’ll notice that there are no commissions and Meridian Trust pays all closing costs. The amount we offered at the beginning of the process is the amount you’ll receive. No surprises.  

If the contract looks agreeable, you can accept it and send it back to us. At that time, we’ll set a closing date and begin title work. Our team understands that you may need time to find a new place or to let your current tenants move out. That’s why we work with you to choose a closing timeline that works for your unique situation.

Close and Get Paid

Meridian Trust has an in-house title agency, which helps to expedite the closing process. On closing day, you can choose to either sign the paperwork at the title office or have the documents overnight expressed to you.

After receiving your signed contract, you will typically receive payment in 10 to 14 days. If you need payment sooner, we can also fast track the process. In special circumstances, we can often get payment to you as quickly as five days from receiving the signed contract. Simply let your licensed agent know if you need us to expedite the process.

You can also choose how you receive funds: bank check, money wire, or certified funds.

Call us today for a free, no-obligation cash offer: (954) 807-9087.

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