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2023 Home Improvement Ideas & Resolutions

We make all sorts of resolutions for the New Year — eat better, work out more, set aside time to read. As we ring in 2023, there are also plenty of home improvements worth taking on. Read on for five home improvement ideas that can make a big difference this year.

Written by: Kristin Lesko
Posted: 12/16/2022

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We make all sorts of resolutions for the New Year — eat better, work out more, set aside time to read. As we ring in 2023, there are also plenty of home improvements worth taking on. Read on for five home improvement ideas that can make a big difference this year.

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Year after year, kitchens rank at the top of home improvement projects, according to a Houzz survey. As we embrace open-floor plans, kitchens are no longer tucked away but a part of entertaining. Kitchen islands are also growing in popularity and double as a dining table in some households.

Some projects for upgrading kitchens include:

  • Putting in new countertops. Quartz remains a top choice for homeowners, as it’s more affordable than marble, but still provides a wide range of natural stone design choices. They’re also hard, durable, and easy to maintain.
  • Installing more interesting lighting. Recessed lighting is usually a choice for kitchens, but homeowners are turning to chandeliers and pendant lights ranging from black industrial pieces to brass contemporary fixtures to add visual interest to the kitchen.
  • Colored appliances. If you’ve got a great color scheme going with the cabinetry and hardware, why not extend this to the refrigerator and stove? Companies are getting bold with vintage inspired turquoise or modern black appliances to create a cohesive look through the kitchen.
  • Increase storage. Forgo the mountain of reusable containers and instead invest in storage systems to keep everything in order and easy to find while cooking.


You can skip a trip to the spa when your bathroom already resembles one.

People are placing more emphasis on their mental health and taking time to relax — and so can you with these home improvement ideas:

  • Soaking tub. If you have the space for a shower, as well as a tub, opt for a luxe soaking tub that’s ready for you to draw a bubble bath.
  • Heated floors. Never step out of a warm shower onto cold tiling again with heated floors, especially if you live in a climate with chilly winters. This is a great project to take on if you’re already planning on replacing your flooring.
  • Lighting. Interior designers and homeowners are adding some pizazz to bathrooms by installing more interesting lighting, giving it a spa feel. LED lights that change color can also enhance relaxation.
  • Hardware. Instead of the typical chrome faucet and towel racks, opt for black or brass hardware.

Home offices

No surprise here: The way we work is changing and that includes more remote jobs or the ability to work from home a few days a week. Rather than setting up on the dining room table, homeowners are looking to add a more permanent home office, according to Architectural Digest.

Tips to make this work:

  • Doubling up the purpose of a room. For example, setting aside space for a desk within a guest bedroom. By having a dedicated space to work, it’s also easier to concentrate.
  • Creating a professional background. This way during your next virtual meeting, colleagues can see a design-minded wall or bookshelf rather than a kitchen counter.
  • Investing in storage solutions to make the most of the space that you have for a home office.

Outdoor Living

Since we’re spending more time at home than in years past, homeowners are also wanting to create outdoor sanctuaries when they need a break from life’s stresses.

Designers tell Architectural Digest that not only are people wanting amenities like swimming pools, but also outdoor kitchens and even outdoor showers. Rather than a simple outdoor furniture set of a table with four plain chairs, homeowners are in search of bringing the indoors outside with an alfresco living room, complete with firepits and television sets.

Textile companies are tapped into the trend and creating more weatherproof and outdoor-friendly materials for loungers, chairs, area rugs, and other outdoor furniture.

Eco-friendly features

As going green becomes more important for consumers, companies are following suit and developing products that help homeowners achieve this goal. As more items become available on the market, it’s easier for homeowners to implement green practices at home.

Some popular and easy ways to go green are:

Updates like these can be a great way to help the environment and your wallet. When you invest in eco-friendly appliances and features, they not only reduce your water and energy usage, but also — potentially — your monthly utility bill.

No matter which home improvement ideas you pursue, make it your own. It’s your space to live in and you want it to reflect who you are and the life you want to lead.

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